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1in4 is a mobile application providing support and guidance for those who are going through infertility, surrogacy and miscarriage as well as for people planning adoption or foster parenting.

The idea behind 1in4 is to create a supportive community and help people easily find fellows with mutual interests. With 1in4 users can search through other people’s stories about lifestyle, health, parenting, and many other things or share their own experience publicly or in a private fashion! For couples trying to conceive or expecting a baby, the app provides fun and helpful pregnancy, baby development, and fertility tracking tools with a bunch of tips and articles.
1in4 was a startup looking for a company that could design and build a mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms and minimize project time and cost. They also needed an administrative panel that would allow managing thousands of interests, tips, and articles, as well as monitoring the users’ submissions, activity, and community guidelines. Mercury accepted the challenge and suggested using a cross-platform framework called Flutter to create a beautiful app experience for both iOS and Android users.
1in4 was one of the first projects at Mercury with Flutter applied competently. This cross-platform framework allows providing fast development and full native performance on both iOS and Android platforms. The same codebase enables smooth performance and eliminates the need to create separate apps, which helps to minimize project cost and time.


To help the application to stand out among the competitors on the market, Mercury Development design team created as many as 42 amazing illustrations reflecting a baby fetal development during the pregnancy. Highly detailed and realistic illustrations help future moms to understand their baby growth from week to week.

App Features



The app provides a bunch of features helping users to find friends, share their photos, and discuss things in a private chat.



A set of handy tools enables people to track their health, make notes, and set reminders for their unique journey.



The app delivers dozens of useful articles, stories, and discussions personalized based on users’ interests.


Mercury Development managed to capitalize on its partnership with 1in4 and create an outstanding mobile application built in Flutter that keeps users informed about parenting with a great selection of articles, reminders, and different types of health tracking tools. 1in4 app is as much a health tracker as it is a hub for excellent advice. Beyond in-app information tailored for the users’ interests, 1in4 app has community forums and chats where the app users can communicate and share their stories.