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A communication tool for a yearly Mercedes dealer’s summit.
A communication and networking app for Cisco Connect 2017, a large-scale event devoted to business digitalization.
Burger King
Corporate mobile application for Burger King restaurant chain aimed to facilitate a competition among the company employees.
An app for facilitation of a strategic planning session held by the company management.
Thomson Reuters
Innovative iPad solution integrated with Government Revenue Management, which lets users manage property records, tax billings, eGovernment, and more.
Comedy app featured by Apple and Google with more than 6.6 million monthly active users.
Philip Morris
An innovative ecological volunteer project seamless integrated into a corporate event.
Henry Ford <br> Health System
CardSolutions, developed for Henry Ford Health Systems facility, is a monitoring of patient's health condition system on mobile devices.
An app, facilitating a cycle meeting for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies with a convenient schedule and content segmentation.
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This project is covered by a strict NDA. We value the requirements of our customers and can’t disclose the details.

Ecwid app allows all merchants easily manage their online store, sell products on the go, and accept payments with PayPal Here.
EmojMe uses a powerful 3D modeling engine to help users create animated emojis from their static selfie shots.
A mobile app that lets car tuners remotely diagnose and adjust vehicle's performance through a custom OBD reader device.
Mercury helped Aisle411 create a unique indoor navigation platform for retail stores that is now being developed as a partnership with Google Project Tango.
Twin River Casino
Twin River Casino is a proof-of-concept app for entertainment and indoor navigation helping customers find their way around the venue.
An app for a world championship of vocational skills, where thousands of young people discover their talent.
Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
Toy inventory app for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital was developed as a part of charity program.
Odds Finder
An educational financial game, which represents possible consequences of people's key financial decisions using wide range of touch-responsive visualizations.
FitnessBank is a division of Affinity Bank which aims to provide increased interest rates to clients who live an active lifestyle.
Boiron world leader in homeopathic medicines is an $852 million public company with 3,700 employees and distribution in 59 countries. It is best known for Oscillococcinum®, a top-selling flu medicine


Leroy Merlin
A real-time voting solution for enterprise meetings.
Mercury Development built a new OS X application around Comodo AV library, creating a one-of-a-kind solution in malware detection.
A cloud-based system that provides powerful billing and management capabilities for medical practices.
A desktop version of a music crowdsourcing platform, which allows musicians from all around the world to collaborate online to create new original music.


Steiner Leisure is a global provider of health and beauty services and products.
Open Edge
The web-based loyalty programs management integrated with ACH services via automated electronic transactions.


Tonal is the world's most intelligent fitness system and Mercury got involved in its development.
AppTag Laser Blaster is an augmented reality game platform allowing to play console-like first person shooter games in a real world!
An iOS/Android SDK for a wireless pressure sensitive stylus integrated with dozens notetaking and signing apps.
Google Glass <br> Medical Library
The app provides physicians with hands-free, voice-controlled access to medical library, allowing to get relevant information without turning away from the patient.