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ORIGO developed a business idea to create a unique mobile device monitoring system. The system was designed to solve the problem of distracted driving.


The idea was owned by ORIGO, and they also developed the backend technology and web components. The only part missing was the mobile apps.

ORIGO started looking for a developer to build the mobile components. They were looking for an expert in mobile development who would be able to implement the project on time and within budget. Mercury was chosen because of its vast experience in mobile development.

The Challenge

The key point of ORIGO’s idea was to take a proactive approach to safety by providing a technology that would eradicate distractions and prevent commercial vehicle accidents in the first place.

The main technological challenge was Apple and Google guidelines for app development. Normally, apps are not allowed to “take over” devices. Mercury specialists had to find a way to let the app control a user’s smartphone while driving.

The Solution

A team of top-level iOS and Android developers applied their expertise to build applications achieving ORIGO’s demanding goal. The key ability of the solution is to detect the company policy breaches made by employees while driving, block them, and notify the admin about each of them.

The possible breaches could be any of the following: texting, using non-whitelisted apps, speeding, taking a phone call, giving the wheel to an unauthorized driver.

Optimized traffic

Optimized traffic

We were able to reduce data traffic to 8 MB per device per month.


Hands Free

Identifies a company driving policy on hands free talks and generates alerts accordingly.

Active Coaching

In case of safety breach, warns the driver with a beeping noise before generating an alert.

Driving Mode

Detects when a vehicle is moving and prevents human-device interaction.

Driver for modem

Driver for modem

The manufacturer’s driver was unstable, so we wrote our own.

Energy optimization

Energy optimization

We optimized energy use. Previously, the device would drain the vehicle battery in just 3 days.


Sets up connection via BLE quickly and easily.

Once the devices are paired, they reconnect automatically every time.


Identifies drivers assigned to vehicles and displays a dedicated interdictory screen if the permission is missing.

Valet Mode

Allows marking a vehicle as parked at a service center or being used by another driver. If the allowed terms are broken, an alert will be generated and sent to the company admin.

Remote debugging

Remote debugging

We added the ability to remotely debug and fix issues.

Clay Skelton
Clay Skelton, President, Mill Mountain Capital, LLC

The completed app gained positive feedback for its features and overall design. Mercury Development communicated clearly and deployed a comprehensive project approach to ensure success. Their high-caliber work, coding accuracy, and delivery speed increased work and time efficiency.

Bluetooth low-level debugging

Bluetooth low-level debugging

We debugged Bluetooth LE to fix disconnections.

The Result

Today ORIGO describes themselves as the only complete mobile device monitoring system on the market that prevents vehicle accidents beforehand by providing a technology that reduces or eliminates distractions. Mercury Development is proud to be part of their success story.

ORIGO and Mercury are currently working on a new version of ORIGO’s solution to the problem of distracted driving.