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Running iOS Ad-Hoc Builds

You can preview your application before it's available in the App Store by using ad-hoc builds. Ad-hoc builds run only on specific iOS devices, which are identified by their unique device IDs (UDIDs). The instructions below explain how to install the ad-hoc build of your iOS application.

  • Obtain your device unique ID as described in Find Your UDID. Provide Mercury Development with your iOS device's UDID and get the ad-hoc build (a file with an .ipa filename extension) via e-mail.
  • Install Ad-Hoc Build of iOS Application via iTunes.
    • Save the application file you received via e-mail to a folder on your computer.
    • Open iTunes and select "Apps" - "My Apps" in the upper menu.
    • Drag and drop the application file from the folder into “Apps” tab of iTunes.
    • Select your device in iTunes and click “Apps” in the sidebar.
    • Search for your file in the apps list and click “Install”.
    • Click the “Apply” button on the bottom to apply changes on your device.
  • After performing these steps, you will find an icon for your application on the desktop of your device.
  • Enjoy!